August 31

Last night I arrived in Lexington, MA to begin my trip westward. Lauren and I spent the evening packing her new car (yay for another Corolla convert!) for our trip. We enjoyed a delicious Thai meal with Lauren’s roommate, Evelyn and her sister, Diane.   Around 11 pm, we belatedly decided that we were both awake enough to drive to Connecticut for the night. So we finished packing the car to the point of bursting, then Lauren packed me into the car (literally), and we headed for Fairfield, CT.


This morning, we removed some of her belongings to be shipped instead and repacked the car to be more comfortable (and more legal), and headed out for our next stop, Silver Spring, MD.


We arrived early this evening and headed directly into Washington, D.C. to meet up with Jess and Brian for dinner at Vapiano’s. As this was Lauren’s first time in D.C. we also visited some of the monuments and the White House. We arrived back to Silver Spring for the night and we are heading out early tomorrow morning for Nashville, TN!





2 thoughts on “August 31

    • Been reading your posts and we are happy that you seem to be having a fabulous time. We are worried however that you are having such a good time that you are dropping hints that you you would be tempted to see the whole world. What would we do without you around. Thanks for the blog.We like your homemade haritcut. Love, Sitto and Giddo.


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