September 3

Our first stop today (well second, because our first stop was for gas–we learned after the gas desert of Kansas) was Denver, CO.

041 (2)

We decided to stop in Denver on our way to Vail, CO so that we could visit my friend Hunter. He met us in a cute little neighborhood full of shops and restaurants, at a cafe called Devil’s Food. Strangely, the one thing that struck me about that neighborhood was that they seem to have a lot of heaven/hell references in their shop titles. For example, there was Heavenly Dogs; their tagline painted on the window was “We wash the devil out of them.” Next to this was Angel’s Beauty Salon. Strange coincidence?  We enjoyed a delicious lunch and good company. Hunter also suggested that we take Loveland Pass to get to Vail, and we are so grateful that he did!






The views over the pass were absolutely breathtaking (Literally! The altitude made it difficult to breathe.) These pictures do not do it justice.

On our way down the mountains, we were surprised by the “Runaway Truck Ramps.”



We arrived in Vail, thankfully without needing the Runaway Ramps. The town is the most perfectly manicured that I have ever seen; everything is unbelievably well planned and developed. Even the main streets are all heated.




Tonight we are spending the night with Lauren’s cousin, Aly, and her roommate, Max. We will be heading out very early tomorrow for the Grand Canyon, by way of Utah.


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