September 5

This morning we left Cottonwood in the morning to head toward San Diego. Today felt like the longest driving day yet, despite the fact that it was only about six and a half hours.

As I mentioned, my one goal for today was to get a picture with a cactus! I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were many varieties of cacti in both Arizona and California! It is hard to explain what the desert is like. There are small bushes and underbrush that are green, which I didn’t really expect.



During our drive in California, we passed sand dunes and deserts with piles of rock that look like they were deposited there intentionally. The massive rock piles and the 102 degree weather make for a pretty miserable environment. There were signs along the way telling motorists to turn off their A/C so their cars don’t overheat. There were also water barrels regularly, in the event that your car does overheat.



We pulled over off of a small highway in Arizona, just before Gila Bend, so that I could take pictures with a cactus. It is possible that we were trespassing, but I admit to nothing! Of course I had to pose as a cactus, climbing one, and even touching one. I’m fairly certain that it shot its needles at me because my hand hurt for a while after! But it was totally worth it!





After a couple of border patrol stops and several hours in the desert we finally arrived in San Diego!


We were both relieved to reach our destination! It has been a long trip, but I don’t think either of us would trade the experience. I feel so fortunate that I have been able to see so much of our country. In six days, I visited nineteen states and we drove nearly four thousand miles! What an adventure it has been!



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