September 11

Yesterday my travels finally started to catch up with me. We went into the Valley for Jordan’s Russian lesson in the morning and I wandered around North Hollywood, also known as NoHo. There wasn’t too much to see there beyond the usual shops and restaurants.


We had planned to go to the Huntington, but the heat wave made it pretty miserable. We decided to head back to his place and then on to the beach. As my head was lolling over into Jordan’s lunch, I realized it might be time for a nap. I ended up crashing for a couple hours!

We headed out to meet Jordan’s friends John and Chris for dinner at Mother Dough. Jordan had been raving about their pizza since my arrival so I had high hopes. On the way I got to see the famous Hollywood sign from a distance.


When we arrived we were comparing with his friends how long and which different roads it took for us to get there. (This is a common conversation in LA.) It goes something like this, “Yeah, it took me an hour and a half, but it would’ve been longer if I didn’t take the 101 to the 5 to get to the 8. Then I just jumped on the 15 for the last couple miles.” It is highly entertaining to watch people describe their commutes. Chris and John were so friendly and entertaining. The three of them are experts on Vegas and they may have even convinced me to go there again and give it another chance!

The pizza was just as good as I had been told. (How often does that happen?!) I got a proscuitto and arugula one that I completely devoured. It was amazing.


(I was actually too busy eating mine so this is a picture of Jordan’s.) Next, we headed a couple doors down to Hotel Covell’s which has a great hipster-type bar that seems unconnected to the hotel. They had Steigl on tap! For anyone who doesn’t know what Steigl is, it is a beer made in the lovely city of Salzburg. I became an avid fan of it while studying abroad there. Not only did I request frequently purchase this beer at grocery stores and bars, but there was also a vending machine for it in my dorm. (Yes, you read that right–and at 1 euro per beer you couldn’t go wrong.) Needless to say, I have some wonderful memories associated with Steigl. I have only seen it at one other bar in the U.S., the Brixton in Washington, D.C.  (And it was only in bottles there! It was on tap here!) It tasted just like I remember! My cousin, Greg, and his girlfriend, Katelyn, met us for a couple drinks. It was so great to catch up with Greg who I haven’t seen in a couple years and to meet Katelyn for the first time! She is so fabulous–funny and beautiful! Great catch, Greg! We had a wonderful time!

After drinks we all headed home, or so I thought. On the way, we made a detour to Haus, where Jordan corrupted my diet even further with an unbelievably delicious mocha crunch cake. It was to die for. Totally worth it.


It was an excellent night! Tomorrow by that time, I will be wheels up on my way to New Zealand!


One thought on “September 11

  1. What a blast you are having!!! So when is Greg going to introduce Katelyn to his Aunt Sue? Greg if you are reading this, please come visit us in NH…or maybe Bob and I will visit you guys in No Ho. Love you Honey!


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