September 12

Today was a bit of a busy day, trying to get everything laundered and packed up. Jordan’s girlfriend, Virginia, arrived today for the next week. It was great to have the chance to visit, after I had heard so much about her! We didn’t do too much in terms of adventures today, except exploring the local farmers market and going back to Manhattan Beach. The fruit and vegetables at the farmers market were unbelievably vibrant colors. Next we headed back to the beach, where our friend Tai met us! It was great to spend the day floating in the water and relaxing before I headed out. image


Once we got back to Jordan’s place, I did some laundry and packed up my backpack. It ended up being well under the weight limit.



Off we went to the airport! It was tough to say goodbye to Jordan after having such a wonderful week together. He has been the most amazing host. I loved spending time with him.

As I write this, I am chatting with a couple of friendly guys from the UK and the first Kiwi that I’ve spoken to! Things are off to a good start!


3 thoughts on “September 12

  1. As I write this you are 1 hours and 15 minutes from Aukland…trust me you will soon forget the misery of the flight. I hope you slept most of it. The adventure continues…Bob has been planning his trip all morning. I am spilling tears on my school work. 😦 Just kidding, I’m happy for both of you. New Zealand is an amazing place. I’m glad you have the time to explore it. Love you Honey!


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