September 19

I apologize for the delay in getting this post up, my internet has been quite spotty at the Dwellington. (Apparently this is what I have to look forward to, great excitement over free wifi, despite its quality.) I moved in yesterday afternoon. I absolutely love it so far. In the morning, Helen took me to an outdoor market, similar to a farmer’s market in the States. We also did a driving tour around the city and the coastline. She took me through the Mt. Victoria tunnel where people embrace their inner child and honk their horns the entire way.


I am really going to miss spending time with Helen. She was such an amazing hostess and so great to spend time with. We said goodbye at my new home.

When I arrived at the hostel it was quite rainy and miserable, so I went to check out my room. This is my adorable home for the next two nights.


I met one of my new roommates, Sofie, who is from Finland. She is a lovely person and so easy to talk to. She is leaving today to house sit for her boss for the next month. She has plans to continue traveling for years, it is really inspiring to me.

I went out to find some lunch and had a delicious lamb kebab. I had been craving a Turkish kebab since I arrived. It was absolutely huge.


Afterwards, I headed back to the backpacker (after buying a sweater–it has been so cold) and made my home in the kitchen for the day. I ended up visiting with other people for the afternoon rather than reading! I met some great people from all over the world.


In the evening Sofie and her friends, Bastienne and Lena, invited me to the outdoor market at Cuba Street. We got dinner from a food truck there. I had delicious spicy noodles.



Afterwards, we headed over to Courteney Place to a bar called The Establishment to grab a drink. Most of the bars play American music, which I found interesting.


When we got back we hung out in the kitchen and visited for another hour or so.

Moving into the hostel provided a nice opportunity to meet some new people. It was refreshing to meet other travelers. I was surprised by how many people travel through Australia and Asia, in addition to New Zealand. Most people spend several years away from home, if they ever go back!


One thought on “September 19

  1. Look at that beer, so huge!! I love that you are wearing the fingerless gloves! Your blog is awesome, thanks for taking the time to write about your adventure! I’m so glad you and Helen hit it off, I knew you would! Take care Honey! Love you!


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