September 27

My first driving experience in New Zealand was, to be kind, a learning experience. My friends needed a designated driver to take them to the next town. What they didn’t realize when they asked me was that one of them driving after drinking may have actually been safer than for me to drive sober. The things that I did correctly: I didn’t stall the car, I made it there and back without killing anyone. The things that I can improve on: driving near the middle of the street (lanes are strangely marked), driving on the correct side of the road, not hitting the curb and damaging my friend’s vehicle, and, most importantly, go the correct way around any roundabouts. In my defense, driving a vehicle on the opposite side of the car, on the opposite side of the road, with the shifter in your left hand is weird enough, let alone going clockwise around a roundabout! I can still hear the screams as I went right, then the resounding silence before Lindsay said, “You just went the wrong way.” All I can say is, I can’t believe they let me drive home.


Ps. We celebrated our survival by eating Hokey Pokey ice cream! I was the only one who enjoyed the olive oil on it though!



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