September 28

My weekend was very busy with starting my real work schedule. Working in a hostel is much more work than I expected, mostly because the laundry takes so much time! The cleaning staff completed the washing and hung up as much as they could on the clothesline to dry. However, their shift ends at 1 pm so I spent the next six hours using one dryer and the cloudy sky to attempt to dry the linens from a fully booked backpackers. The drying and folding is by far the most time consuming part of the process. Otherwise, the reception duties are fairly straightforward, manage bookings, check in and out guests, and collect payment. Exactly what you would expect.

In the evenings, I usually hang out with my fellow woofers and guests in the lounge. You hear some pretty amazing stories and trip plans! I can’t believe how many people have asked me to visit them when I travel through their towns! A nice couple also gave me their off the beaten track list of things to see!

Yesterday Lindsay and I went for a 7 km run along my usual route by the ocean. It was a beautiful sunny day and much less windy than usual! One of my friends came out to visit from Wellington. Felix had made me the most amazing sourdough bread for me! It takes several days to ferment before you can bake it. He did an amazing job! He said that the bread here doesn’t compare to real German bread! I am starting to agree! (Except for Vogel’s, it is New Zealand’s best bread!)

Some of the woofers and I brought Felix down to the beach to enjoy the sunshine and views. It was a perfect day. I even waded into the water! The temperature felt fairly similar to the water in Maine.



(I swear, we don’t just drink all the time!)



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