September 30

Last night, my friend Stefan invited me to a yoga class, which also included dinner afterwards. Since I was going to be in Wellington, I contacted Helen to let her know I was going to be around. We met up for a coffee on Cuba St. (where we had gone to the night market) before the class. Of course on my way I passed a gelato place and had to stop. All I have to say is that the gelato in Portland, Maine has a huge leg up on Wellington gelato. I got a mix of chocolate and black sesame seed. The flavor was wonderful, but the texture left something to be desired.


It was lovely to catch up with Helen; she is always so engaging and fun to be around. We had a nice visit. Stefan met us there, the two of us said goodbye to Helen and walked to Vivian St. for the class.

We arrived at the yoga studio (is it called a studio?) for my first ever yoga class. It may or may not have been a cult; the chanting was a little off-putting. But, either way, I had a great time! I was much more flexible than I would have ever imagined. I could certainly work on my balance and strength though. We had an hour long class led by an entertaining and challenging Aussie. It was one of my hardest workouts in quite some time (much different than my daily runs). After the class, we were fed a delicious vegan meal in the common area. It consisted of rice with “jungle” curry, kumara (that’s what they call sweet potatoes) pastries, green salad and an apple crumble with custard for dessert. It was one of the best meals I’ve had in quite some time! And, yes, in case you were wondering I did drink the Koolaid (ahem, I mean tea.) I was certainly impressed by the quality of the food! I am very tempted to go back again next Wednesday.


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