October 10

It is our final day at Moana Lodge. It is bittersweet to leave here. It’s a beautiful location and our fellow woofers have been, as Lindsay would say, “ace.” We’ve enjoyed getting to know them all and living for a time in this stunning place.

We spent our last day doing last day type of things. Packing, laundry and shopping for nonperishable/roadtrip appropriate food. Of course we took regularly breaks for “gardening,” this is what woofers at the Lodge call laying in the sun on the patio and pretending that the wind doesn’t make it nearly too cold to stay outside.


The patio on a sunny day has been my favorite place at the Lodge!

We also tried to fashion several meals out of the small amount of food that we have leftover and that would go bad without refrigeration. We made a surprisingly palatable chili out of odds and ends.


In the evening, we planned to go sing karaoke for a couple hours at Lindsay’s bar and have an early night. Invariably, plans for an early night never pan out–and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We had an excellent evening! I met the owners of the Sandbar, some of the regulars and the rest of Lindsay’s coworkers.



Everyone was so much fun and the atmosphere great! I did several things I’ve never done before. I sang karaoke to a song that I didn’t know the words to (although people familiar with the Semi-Charmed Life karaoke incident of 2013, may argue this was just a repeat performance), fortunately I was part of a group, I bet (someone else’s money) on horse and dog races and won (before I lost it all), and I had one of those movie-worthy, super enthusiastic, spinning each other around dances with a guy named Bones.






(Please excuse the blurry pictures, we were dancing too fast for anyone to capture our amazing dance moves.)


Overall, I had a fabulous night.

I will have spotty Internet for the next 17 days. I will update when I am able, but it will likely be less than once a week. Assume everything is fine and I am having a blast, unless you hear otherwise!


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