October 28

Lindsay left for Hong Kong today. It was really tough to say goodbye after nearly three weeks of spending 24 hours a day together. We had a fairly emotional goodbye at the airport in Auckland. I think for her, it was difficult to say goodbye to me, but also to the amazing time that she had in NZ. It was a bit like ending a era. For me, she had become a support system as well as my partner in crime. Setting off on my own again was extremely daunting.

I left the airport with no direction in mind. To be honest, I was a bit panicked. I had sent some emails about jobs and I had gotten one response from a place in Paihia, a town where we had stayed already. It was for a cleaning position at a hostel. However, the owner had just asked additional questions; she hadn’t offered me a position. I drove back to Orewa, for lack of anywhere else to go. I kept checking my email obsessively, hoping for some news on where I should go next. Finally, I decided to be “proactive” (although some may just call it pushy) and call the owner of the place in Paihia. She told me that she would let me know later in the day whether she needed help or not. I decided to spend another night in Orewa since I was already there and was quite familiar with the town.

To distract myself from my predicament, I decided to take the estuary path around Orewa. The walk is along the water and bordering the residential areas. It is a beautiful walk and I finally saw Mangrove trees for the first time! They grow right out of the swampy water. It made my day much better.



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