October 29

I woke up with an email from my new home in Paihia. I will be cleaning in the mornings at a backpackers in exchange for my accommodation; my job will begin on November 1. However, I decided to head up today, a couple days early, so that I can start looking for paid work in addition to my hostel job.

My fellow woofers seem quite nice. I will be replacing two Scottish girls who have another woofing position lined up. I will be working with a Czech girl named Pavla and a Canadian guy named Dan. We also have a long term roommate named Alice, who is a guest. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. I’m hoping that it will be a more health-conscious experience than Moana was because people don’t seem to eat constantly here and some of my roommates seem quite active.

I certainly don’t love Paihia the way that I do Wellington (that was love at first sight), but it is much warmer and less windy than Welly is. The beach is beautiful and there are a lot of restaurants and shops to explore (if I ever have money again). I have been warned that the weather is nicer in the morning and worse in the evening in this area.

After I arrived, Ups came to visit my new digs. We went to check out one of the waterfalls near the Waitangi Treaty Grounds. It was fairly disappointing after the Rainbow Falls. It was broad which made it look larger, but the water was very dirty. Since we couldn’t swim in the waterfall we went back and went swimming in the ocean instead. It was cold, but invigorating. On our way back to the hostel, Ups showed me an overlook of the ocean and the town. You can tell how rainy it was!





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