October 30

This morning I headed out to hand out my CV to local restaurants and bars. I stopped at one on the corner of my street, a less than three minute walk from the hostel. I handed in my CV and spoke to one of the workers. Within three minutes after I left, before I had even entered the next restaurant, I got a call asking me to come in for a trial tomorrow at 3 pm. In NZ they have a strange system where you work your first shift without pay. I picked up the menus and went back to the hostel to study them. The wine list is fairly extensive. I have a feeling that I will just have to learn as I go, rather than trying to memorize. I am a bit nervous, as I haven’t been a server in over two years. Hopefully, it will all come back quickly and I’ll adjust to the new place.

For me, the most difficult parts about traveling and the transient lifestyle are saying goodbye to your friends, support and comfort zone every few weeks and having to build an entire new life from scratch. It seems impossible and stressful. At the time, it isn’t fun at all. In fact, it can be relatively panic-inducing. My hope is that it will get easier the more that I do it. The one thought that I hold on to is that if it’s really bad then I can always just leave and move somewhere else. I constantly have to remind myself that every situation has its pros and cons and that over time I will adjust to my new lifestyle.

If I am a good fit for this restaurant, then I will try to work as many hours as possible to save up money for a South Island road trip and another visit to Wellington on my way down. I would like to spend at least a week in Welly and then spend 2 or 3 weeks traveling around South Island before I find a woofing job there.


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