November 15

This morning I decided that I should enjoy one of the local hikes. I have limited time left to do all of them so I have to make use of the nice days! I drove out toward Opua and across to the opposite side of Russell. I could’ve taken the car ferry, but my GPS opted to send me down a 25 km gravel road. I made it to the base of the Whangamumu hiking trail in about an hour or so.

The trail was quite interesting with tea trees on all sides and winding paths. The dirt path had been beaten down to a completely hardened surface. That made it a bit difficult at the inclines.


This was my first solo hike and I really enjoyed it! There is something really calming and self reflective about hiking alone. In fact, I didn’t pass another person the entire time I was out. Being alone in the middle of nature made me feel at peace.

The trail leads out to an old whaling station that was active in the last 1800s. I was interested in the whaling history of the area, but I was more drawn to the amazing overlooks of a medium sized calm cove near the end of the trail.


I explored down by the water before I continued to follow the trail out to the whaling station. The life of whalers was very demanding and dangerous. Apparently they worked long hours in tough conditions.

The contrast between nature and industry actually had a degree of beauty, but more interesting was the way that wildness of nature was taking over. Nature was reclaiming the space. I reflected on the way that humanity treats our planet and how, if we continue on our current trajectory, then we may wipe ourselves out. Someday all of Earth could look like these pictures.



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