November 22

Last night I stayed in Rotorua on my way to Taupo. I took a bit of a detour because I wanted to hit Kerosene Creek on my way to my new home. Lindsay and I had intended to stop, but we had completely forgotten.

Kerosene Creek is about 2 km down a terrible road. I thought some of the potholes might swallow my car! They were enormous! Fortunately, Pegasus 2 lived up to her name and flew over a few of them. We made it to the creek and there was only one other car there. I parked and ran into an older man in the parking lot. He asked about the temperature of the water. When I explained that I hadn’t been in yet he realized I was American and took the opportunity to tell me about the creek and the best places to sit. Then he rushed off ahead of me. I wasn’t sure why until I saw him again. He had stripped off all of his clothes and was soaking in the water. He proceeded to talk to me again while I looked everywhere but at him. I headed down the path to one of the cooler sections (even though I really would’ve preferred a warmer one) because it wasn’t worth the discomfort of being near the man.

The water was nice. It was warm and soothing. I did find the odd foam that accumulates at the surface to be a bit disconcerting though. I stayed until other people showed up and then made my way toward Taupo.

I arrived at my new home for at least the next two weeks. It is much busier than the Pickled Parrot was, but the people seem very friendly and welcoming. I am being placed in a three bed share until my room is available in the cleaners dorm. My roommates are a French nuclear engineer and a Swedish mechanical engineer. They both seem very outgoing and friendly.

Internet will definitely be a problem in Taupo. Even the internet that I purchased at the hostel cannot upload pictures. I will probably be posting very unreliably for the next couple weeks.


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