November 26

My daily hike today was the Huka Falls Walk. It begins at the Spa Thermal Park and ends at Huka Falls. I was told that it was a lovely and easy walk. I walked down to the start and found that the road diverged. I took the path that appeared to be less traveled. This was my first mistake. About 3 km down the path I realized that it was more challenging than I had expected. (But still beautiful!)

I was thinking of what I was going to tell Franzi about her definition of easy versus mine when I realized that I was on the bike trail. This realization came when I had to get off the path for a cyclist to pass. Then I began to worry because the trail was quite winding and it was hard to see who was coming. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a valid concern. I heard a cyclist pedaling toward me so I stepped into the brush next to the path. However, my appearance there startled him and he fell of his bike. (It would’ve been comical if I wasn’t so worried about his well being.) I felt awful! He wasn’t injured, just embarrassed. So was I! I ran the rest of the way!

I took a couple of perfunctory pictures of the Fall and got the hell out of there before any angry cyclists could come after me with bike chains or tire pumps.

I took the walking path back to Taupo (and realized that the road less traveled really isn’t better).



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