December 12

I woke up very early this morning to check out the start of the Ironman. Kat, one of the girls from reception, had invited me to join her so we headed down to watch the beginning of the race. There was quite a feeling of community and excitement. The professionals started first, followed by the various age groups, divided by gender. I couldn’t believe how fit everyone was!

My other new experience for today was trying Kiwi Pavlova for the first time! It is a meringue, cream and fruit dessert that is delicious. My boss, Ross, made it for the cleaning staff for smoko today!


I have decided to take Zhoel up on his offer and head back up to Northland for a bit. We have lots of fishing and diving in store! My fellow cleaners, my boss and Charmaine (who has become a very close friend during my time in Taupo) took me out to celebrate my last day in town. Despite a cold (so I didn’t drink) we had a lot of fun!





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