December 6

This weekend Zhoel came to visit. We decided to go for a roadtrip to the Bay of Plenty and camp out by the beach. We set off toward Mount Maunganui. I had considered living there before I settled on Taupo and I wanted to see what the fuss was all about.

On the way, we decided to visit Kerosene Creek and its neighbor, Rainbow Mountain. During our mini-hike at Rainbow Mountain we came across some amazingly colored cliffs and a brilliantly turquoise lake.

We continued on toward the Mount until we got so hungry that we decided to find some food and a campsite for the night. We ended up staying at a beautiful site (possibly the best one I’ve stayed at yet!) in a town called Matata. The campsite was on the base of a bluff that overlooked a long and deserted white sand beach.

We (correction: Zhoel, the chef) were able to pull together a delicious dinner despite the limitations of camping.


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