December 13

I began my move to Waipu today. I decided to take an extra day for travel so that I could explore a couple last minute places in the area that I had wanted to see. It was also an opportunity to see Dan who had planned a visit to see me in Taupo (and subsequently canceled, due to my move).

I left for Rotorua late in the afternoon; I had spent the morning baking for smoko. The person leaving is always responsible for providing smoko on their last day. I made chocolate chip muffins for Team Clean.




(Sadly, I had to say goodbye to my running buddy.)


(And to the rest of Team Clean!)

It was tough to say goodbye, but I am ready to move on to my next adventure! (Perhaps, I am starting to find it easier to leave and say goodbye?)

I headed off to pick up Dan for a short visit before I head back to Northland. We decided that we wanted to camp out for the night, so we headed to Lake Aniwhenua for some beer, camping and a chance to catch up. The campsite was remote, but absolutely beautiful. (And free!)


We had chosen it on a whim and didn’t expect it to be so amazing. We spent the evening chatting and drinking Mac’s (one of our favorite beer brands). It was a lovely day and the sunset was spectacular.


It was so nice to see each other again! (Although we both nearly froze to death during the night!)









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