December 18

This morning we woke up at 5:30 to head down to Uretiti Beach to go fishing with Mike. The fishing down at the beach was different than our usual fishing because we drove right down onto the sand. Then we sent out a GPS controlled device called a Kontiki that drags a line with 25 baited hooks out into the water. The Kontiki propels out 2 km or so and you leave the lines out for an hour or two. Then you bring it back in and, generally, you get at least a couple of fish.

It was a beautiful morning and we sent out the Kontiki and then we did a bit of regular casting fishing from the beach.

I used a shorter rod so Zhoel and I waded out into the water onto a sandbar where we fished from. There were crabs everywhere! I was very concerned about my feet getting pinched! The crabs also kept stealing the bait off of our lines. Unfortunately, we weren’t successful at all with either the fishing or the Kontiki.

(This was the only catch of the day…)

The morning wasn’t a waste though. As we were packing up to leave we saw a group of dolphins. I had never seen a dolphin in real life before and I was so stunned by them. They were younger (according to Zhoel) and so they were playing, jumping and flipping out of the water. I was dumbstruck by how amazing they are.

(These pictures don’t really do them justice. I wish that I had a lens to catch the detail.)



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