December 25

I experienced my first summer Christmas this year. It was definitely an experience that I enjoyed, although it didn’t truly feel like the holidays to me. Early in the morning Zhoel and Mike and I went fishing. We put out the Kontiki and did some fishing off the beach. We caught a snapper and a crab pot! We weren’t sure how the crab pot got tangled with out Kontiki line, but somehow it did. It was filled with crabs too!

We headed back home for a champagne brunch with Zhoel’s family, including his 94 year old grandmother, Gee, and some family friends, Glennie and Eddie. It was lovely to chat and enjoy great food. We had champagne with strawberries and croissants with cheese, bacon and tomato. Everything was delicious!


After brunch we prepped food for dinner (or tea, as they call it here). My job was to inject strawberries with Frangelico.


Zhoel cut up our freshly caught snapper to make Kakoda, while I took a nap in the hammock.

After my nap, we had another huge meal. We ate ham, salad, couscous, veggie pie, amongst other delicious treats. I also made needhams to introduce my Kiwi friends to a Maine tradition! They enjoyed them; no one guessed that mashed potatoes was the secret ingredient!

It was all excellent! After dinner, Zhoel and I decided to go for an evening fishing session. We didn’t catch anything, but the moon looked awesome over the river mouth.


I certainly had a lovely New Zealand Christmas. It was a lot of fun and I felt so welcomed.! Zhoel’s folks even bought me a gift–an awesome book on short hikes to do in the area!



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