December 30

On our second day at Northern Bass, we were a bit slow moving. This was mostly due to the fact that I had drunk way too much vodka the night before (just in case you couldn’t tell from the food stall picture at the end of my last post). Zhoel convinced me that pomegranate was the hangover cure for the ancient Aztecs and that a pomegranate muesli bar would cure me. It didn’t, but I felt slightly better, even if only mentally.

Around noon, we headed out to scope out the afternoon acts. By this time we had made heaps of friends, many of them our “neighbors,” the people who lived in the cars near ours. One of the ways that we made friends, even beyond the camaraderie induced by being at a festival, was by bringing the leftover Christmas needhams with us and offering them to tons of strangers. The question that I was continually asked was whether they had drugs in them. Apparently, this is something that you need to ask when you are attending this sort of event. My response was “there is about a kilo of sugar in them, if that counts.” They were insanely popular. Next time, I will definitely be bringing a full batch with me.

We spent a fairly relaxed afternoon jumping between the stage and our patio area. People kept stopping by to visit. Apparently, the drum and bass scene in New Zealand is fairly small so many of the people know each other and they all knew our Dunedin friends.



It was great to get to know everyone. They taught me so much about the music. Unfortunately, my phone died around this time so I wasn’t able to take pictures for the rest of the weekend. I was glad about this though because it forced me to just enjoy the experience rather than trying to document it as well. I was surprised by the type of people who attended this event. Jenna explained it to me when she told me that they likely wouldn’t be attending the next year. She said that when the festivals get too big they attract people who are there for the image rather than to enjoy the music. There were a huge number of 18-22 year olds who were scantily clad and seemed to be judging one another. It was nice to be with an older group. Also, the fact that we paid to bring our cars in and to sleep in them kept us away from the campsite where these people stayed.  Not much time was spent sleeping though. Zhoel and I danced until 4 am!


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