December 31

Our last full day at Northern Bass was a blast. We woke up and tested another of the food stalls. Then we all hiked our way up to the third stage at the top of the hill. There was a lake where people were doing bombs into the water (of course, Zhoel participated), a bar and a stage with a reggae, hip-hop, dub mix playing called Sunshine Sound System. It was nice to relax in the sun and enjoy the environment.

We headed back to the patio to prepare for another late evening. Some of the acts that our group were most looking forward to played in the evening. My favorites ended up being The Anciients, Skeptical, Mala (who played again) and Kamandi. This was the first time that The Anciients had ever performed and they brought down a huge screen and played this video.

I thought that the whole thing was very cool, it reminded me of some kind of Dan Brown-type storyline mixed with the Harry Potter Tale of the Three Brothers animation. The music was also excellent. For anyone who is interested, they have a Soundcloud account where they post their music. (

Zhoel and I watched so many different acts. We would jump between the Main Stage and the Jungle Stage to decide who we liked best. The band that played right up until the countdown was Shapeshifter. They are a really popular New Zealand band. Many of the performers are from New Zealand; however, Chali 2na from Jurassic 5 a fellow American did perform. He made a derogatory reference to Donald Trump that the Kiwis loved. (In future, I will have to devote a post to Kiwi views on American politics.) It brought about one of the biggest cheers of his show.

Watching Shapeshifter with thousands of other people was a great way to bring in 2016. I couldn’t have asked for a better New Year’s!



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