January 1

Although the day we left Northern Bass was fairly uneventful, I feel that I should at least write a few lines as a farewell to my first music festival.

By the time we headed out in the morning, the festival was no longer “Northern Bass.” Someone had knocked down the B in the sign so our final views of the sign had us saying goodbye to Northern Ass. It had poured during the night and many people couldn’t be bothered to pack up their tents, so they just left them. There were hundreds of abandoned tents throughout the campsite. I couldn’t believe it. Also, our car battery and Jess’s had both died. One of the other campervans got stuck in the mud because the rain had caused a bit of flooding. This blocked us into the grassy paddock where we had been staying. (We did eventually escape from the site after waiting for a truck to come drag out the campervan!)

Still, we felt lucky that the weather had held for the previous three days. I was willing to take the bad because we had had such a wonderful time. It was a bit sad to say goodbye and head back to the reality of work though! The Dunners (as they call it) crew invited us down for a small festival that they are putting on in March!

In three days, I gained a bunch of new friends, some awesome new music to listen to and a bit more open mindedness than I went in with–a fair trade for a bit of bad luck on our last day!


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