January 11

The past couple weeks, since New Year’s, have been spent almost entirely working. I have learned a great deal about how restaurant kitchens work. The things that are most highly valued in the kitchen (according to me) are fast paced work, a willingness to follow any orders (although sometimes it is hard to know whose orders supersede the others), and a foul sense of humor. I have cut myself several times, but I am finally starting to adjust to using a knife. I have gotten fairly good at some of my daily tasks, but I definitely have a long way to go. There is a steep learning curve in the kitchen, but after you learn to do certain things it is just necessary to improve and get quicker. I really enjoy my coworkers and have found a couple of new friends there. One of them is another American, Brian, from VA. We have quite a bit in common and have been on a couple of walks together. There are some cultural differences, even with another English speaking country, that are hard to explain to someone who isn’t from your own. It is nice to not have to worry about these at all.

In our time off, Zhoel and I have been fishing quite a bit. As he says, catching and fishing are two entirely different things. However, tonight we headed out after work and had our first luck in a long time! We decided to head down to the pontoon where we usually go and fish for a couple hours. Around 12:30 am I started getting some nibbles, but no major bites. We had agreed to leave at that time so we began packing up. While we were shining the torch (flashlight) into the water to see what was biting, we noticed  a number of squid. We decided to stay a bit longer and to do a bit of squid fishing. While we were trying to bait them out with glow in the dark lures, we saw one of them bolt. It was so fast that I didn’t even see it move. All that was left behind was two clouds of ink. There was no indication of why it had freaked out until we saw the kingfish swim near the pontoon. Zhoel was insanely excited. He tried to catch it, but gave up after a few minutes. He had never heard of anyone catching on at night before. He left his line in the water though and we went back to squid fishing. Less than two minutes later we heard his rod clatter over and he grabbed it. The kingfish had taken the bait! He reeled it in (there was a bit of a battle) and we got it onto the pontoon.



We measured it and found that the damn thing was 2 centimeters too small! (The legal limit is no smaller than 75 cm.) We put him back in the water and let him live to be caught another day!



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