January 21

This week has been chock-full of birthdays at the Cove Cafe. Mikal, Brian and Lewis all celebrated theirs.

It is an interesting dynamic, working in such a small town. Our restaurant is quite literally the only one in Waipu Cove. This means that we see a lot of our coworkers both in and out of work. There is nowhere else to hang out in the area and nearly every person in their 20s who lives in Waipu Cove, also works at the restaurant. We have a mix of backpackers and Kiwis who work there. The backpackers all (except for me) live in two staff houses, one of which is called the barracks (or alternately, the orphanage). These have become the go to places for hanging out and having a beer or for celebrating birthdays. The other interesting element of the restaurant is that there are four couples employed, something I have never seen before in a workplace. It has been nice to get to know travelers from all over the world, as well as locals. Many of the locals are university students who will be heading back to school in mid-February though. Regardless, we have been having a fun summer hanging out and working together!


(I’m not really sure why everyone looks possessed in these pictures.)

Happy 28th Birthday, Brian!


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