January 26

Waipu has been getting quieter due to the weather and the end of the holidays. As a result, I have been working less than I would like. In my free time, I have been doing the bush walk from Waipu Cove Beach to Lang’s Beach. As some of you know, I love listening to audiobooks while I am doing something else. Today I decided to document my walk; the soundtrack to my walk was Robert Galbraith’s (aka J.K. Rowling) Career of Evil. The walk was much shorter than I remembered from my first visit with Zhoel a couple months ago. I explored all of the side tracks and the beaches. Although the day was overcast, it was lovely to have the sea views, especially with the huge waves.

I came across a beach with rocks that seemed to be layered and segmented. The rock was hard, but brittle and there were pools carved out of the rock throughout. The pools were smooth-sided and not filled with sea life as normal tidal pools are. It was fascinating!

Also, Zhoel took me out bodyboarding the other day. I had never attempted this before, but I had a blast. It was a bit easier to catch waves than when surfing. Apparently, the boards are referred to as “gutties” here. (I’m assuming because you surf on your gut?) Since I don’t have flippers I can’t go out deep and catch the big waves, but I can hang out on the sandbar and catch some of the ones closer to the coast. There has been some good surf so I have also had the chance to play paparazzi and get some photos of Zhoel surfing. It has been great fun!


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