February 19

We have recently had a new group of travelers arrive at the restaurant. We call them “the Brits” because (you guessed it) they are British. The four Brits have been traveling together for several months. One couple had spent the last year in Asia, and their friends, another couple, joined them near the end of their trip. They all came across to New Zealand together, to take advantage of the working holiday. Their reasoning for leaving the UK was quite similar to many others’. They had graduated from university and they were all working at the same restaurant, since they weren’t able to get jobs in their areas of study. They decided that if they were going to work that type of job then they might as well do it somewhere beautiful. They have done a great job of planning bonfires on the beach, post work drinks and other activities for us all to participate in.


It has been nice to have some new blood and a revitalized energy in the workplace.


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