April 15

After I left Piha, I went toward Taupo. I arrived here a few days ago and have spent this week getting back into running, exploring town, and catching up with friends. I have been staying with Charmaine and her boyfriend, Andrew. It has been lovely to see them. they have been working, but I do my thing during the day and then we have dinner together in the evenings. A couple days ago, I met them in the afternoon to watch a paragliding lesson that they were being given. It was very entertaining to watch them learn to use the Speed Wing. Apparently, they are hoping to get licensed to para-glide during a holiday in Queenstown in May.

The weather has been lovely. I have been out running every morning and then I’ll usually meander around town, window shopping and enjoying the sun. I have also been able to catch up with Charlotte, who I met through Zhoel. We had coffee and chatted for a couple hours. It was great to spend time together. She was also one of Charmaine’s roommates when I was living in Taupo (New Zealand is very small sometimes!) The three of us met for a girl’s dinner. It was a blast! I also stopped by Rainbow Lodge for smoko so that I could say hi!



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