March 30

A few weeks ago, I got an email from Lindsay telling me that she had landed this amazing job in London. She will be working as a New Zealand specific agent for a high end travel company. They book “experiences for discerning travelers.” As part of her training, they were sending her back to New Zealand for a month. She would be staying a fancy hotels and bed and breakfasts, taking heaps of tours, and basically being paid to do something she loves.

Today she was in Paihia and so I trekked up to see her. It was so lovely to catch up again. We couldn’t believe the contrast between the backpacker lifestyle (and living out of Pegasus II) and her current standards. The place where she was staying was absolutely amazing. It was a bed and breakfast up in the hills with an amazing view of the ocean. The rooms were stunning with huge windows overlooking the Bay of Islands and all the best amenities. We talked a lot about how everything fell into place for her, from a job to a relationship to a place to live. I am so happy that everything has gone so well for her. It couldn’t happen to a better person!


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