May 1

The majority of our day was spent building the bed platform to fit into the back of our car. Without the platform we would not have nearly enough storage for all of our belongings. Joel is a talented joiner so he and Zhoel took over the construction efforts.

Of course, we were short some wood so we had to go back to Bunnings. This was a fortuitous accident though because I was able to try my first sausage sizzle. These are sold as a fundraising BBQ; you pay a couple of dollars for a sausage sandwich. Sausages are quite different in New Zealand than they are in the States, they are a bit sweet.


After our re-energizing snack, the rest of the bed construction went along swimmingly.

Once we finished our project, the three of us headed over to Whakatane Heads to do some change of light fishing. We trekked down the beach and across some rocks (and over some really precarious sections) to get to a sweet fishing spot.

I was particularly fascinated by what looked like crop circles in the rocks.


None of us caught any fish unfortunately, but we had fun all the same!


One thought on “May 1

  1. The bed looks great. We put a board under the feet because during the trial night it started to poke into the floor. It was an easy fix. (We are listening to a very young Bob Dillion on an old tape of Bob’s). Make sure you crack the windows at night, okay?


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