May 2

We got up very early this morning to head out for some fishing. We went down to Ohope Harbor to try a couple of different spots. We started off at the wharf and watched the sunrise while we fished.


An hour or so after we arrived I caught my first trevally!


Zhoel has been telling me for months how delicious they are! I will finally get to try one. Not long after Joel landed another catch.


Since we weren’t having much luck we decided to head down the coast a bit and do some walking to get to a different fishing spot.

We didn’t have any more luck for the day, but the day was beautiful and the views were amazing. I also got to see tons of starfish in the ocean, which was quite neat.

By this time we were starving so we headed into town and got some lunch. Then we made our way back to Joel and Vic’s house. We started arranging and attempting to pack the car. (I say attempting because it is amazing how much stuff you can deem necessary for a roadtrip!)

In the evening, we had a delicious dinner of ika mata and laksa soup with trevally and mussels.

We will be heading out in the morning toward the East Cape (Zhoel’s old stomping grounds).


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