May 5

This morning we headed out fishing again with Wayne (I think we may have gotten him hooked.) We went down to the Tolaga Wharf and spent several hours trying (unsuccessfully) to lure kingfish or large kahawai. The weather was beautiful and there were a lot of people out.

We saw one of Zhoel’s friends catch a barricuda. They are quite ugly fish and are apparently full of worms. If you aren’t careful then they can bite right through a finger. When we gave up on fishing we ran into another of Zhoel’s mates and he gave us two crayfish.


In the afternoon, we left and headed for Gisborne (or Gizzy). We contacted Zhoel’s stepbrother, Tim, and his wife, Emma, who live in town. When we first arrived I was treated to the driving tour of Gizzy and Zhoel brought me to a park overlooking the city. The lights were awesome.


Before we headed to Tim and Emma’s place, we stopped in to visit a couple, Jamie and Hannah, for a pre dinner drink and a catch up. Hannah is a dual citizen for New Zealand and America so they had spent several months in the US last year. They had some great stories and they are a riot. They kept us in stitches for our entire visit.

Tim cooked our crays for dinner. It was my first time trying them. I found them to be similar to lobster, but the flavor is a bit less rich and they aren’t quite as tender. Of course, I would be partial to lobster anyways, but I was disappointed because crays don’t have front claws so there isn’t as much meat. They are still delicious though.

It was great meeting Tim and Emma and they generously insisted that we stay at their place for the night.


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