May 6

We left Tim and Emma’s and met Jamie and a couple of Zhoel’s other mates for a dive in the morning. Since I have only been free diving once, I decided to stay on the beach so I wouldn’t slow them down. After a couple hours they came back with some crays and paua, which I have been anxious to try. We headed back to Jamie and Hannah’s place for a feed.

Apparently, paua generally have to be beaten to tenderize them. However, Zhoel told us about a trick. You dunk them in boiling water for thirty seconds and they will tense. Then you leave them alone and they will relax and soften. After that he finely chopped them and fried them in a garlic, oil and butter mixture. They almost resemble shiitake mushrooms and they are a bit chewy, but absolutely delicious. They are definitely in my top few favorite seafoods. We also boiled the crays and chopped them down the middle. In Maine, the guts are known as tamale, but here they are called mustard. They are also a (mustard) yellow color, rather than green.

Later, we stopped by the Sunshine Brewery and tried a flight of local beer. The dark beers were quite good and we had an awesome night!



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