May 10

We arrived in Picton around 7 am. We had good intentions, we planned to go on deck and take pictures of the ferry entering the Marlborough Sounds. However, we were both so exhausted that we ended up falling asleep right up until we docked.

I was surprised by how small Picton is, despite the amount of traffic that it gets due to the ferry. There’s a marina right next to the center of town. The views are lovely.

(Thank you to Lindsay for leaving the warmest hoodie ever!) The main street has little shops and cafes (and, apparently, something for everyone).


We had coffee and tried to plan our mode of attack. This is much harder than it sounds after 2 hours of sleep! Our decision came in the form of a fisherman who owned a shop where I ended up buying hiking boots. He directed us to a “secret” fishing spot (as secret as it can be if you tell people about it) and we headed out along the Queen Charlotte Sound. The road wound through the mountains with regular stops for spectacular ocean views.

It took well over 2 hours to arrive at the campsite. The road turned to gravel about halfway and we were enormously thankful that we had bought Steed. A 4WD certainly helped the process.

The day had barely any wind, despite our location in a valley on a bay. We explored the beach and did a bit of evening fishing. Zhoel caught a blue cod, but he put it back (fisherman superstition). We were the only ones in the campsite for the night! It was quite and very nice. Our only company was the Wekas, cheeky brown birds that will make loud noises and try to go places and take things that they shouldn’t.

Oh! I also tried a tamarillo for the first time. There is a reason they are called tree tomatoes. Not my cup of tea.



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