May 7

This morning Jamie treated us to some delicious French toast. I can’t tell you how insanely happy I was to have maple syrup. They brought it all the way back from a California Costco! I have no idea why Kiwis haven’t embrace maple syrup like Americans have. Possibly it has to do with access to local honey.

We have been so fortunate to be taken in by so many generous people. We have only spent two nights in the car! (I’m sure that will change when we get to South Island though.)

Jamie and Hannah had told us that they went to do wild stingray feeding and that we wouldn’t be disappointed. So we decided to go do something a bit touristy this morning as well.

We headed out to Tatapouri to befriend some stingrays. It was absolutely amazing.

Snapshot 1 (14-05-2016 2-49 PM)

You don waders and walk out into the rocky shallows. You hold a bamboo stick in front of you and stand in a line with the others. The eagle rays and kingfish come right up to you. The stingrays will suck onto your feet and you get to pat them. They are very affectionate. We also got to feed them. I can’t explain how amazing it was. I have always been very wary of stingrays (and will continue to be), but I was shocked by how much personality they exhibited. I would highly recommend this activity to anyone. (I will upload videos as soon as possible.)

After our little adventure, we left Gizzy and headed toward Napier.


We stopped for the night at a campsite on the shores of Lake Tutira.


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