May 14

Our day began with a lovely breakfast made by Fran. Laurie and Fran are such amazing hosts and they have made Blenheim a particularly enjoyable stop for us. We have certainly been spoiled by them!

We went for a quick (unsuccessful) fish at Diversion (yes, that’s the name of the river mouth) with Fran and Annie Bella before we left town. Annie Bella was a great sport and even wanted to try holding the rod and using the reel! Perhaps there will be more fishing in her future!

We headed back to Laurie and Fran’s house and said goodbye. We will certainly be looking forward to our next visit with them!


(I will definitely be missing my new canine buddy!)

On our way out of town, we stopped in to see Brian (from Waipu) who has been living in Blenheim for a couple weeks. We had a quick beer and caught up with him. It was so nice to see him; I have definitely missed his company since he headed out. He is going to be doing some vineyard work over the next few weeks. Unfortunately, the realities of money can intrude on the holiday part of the working holiday more often than one would like.

We left his place and headed down the coast toward Kaikoura, our next stop.


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