May 15

We took this morning to explore Kaikoura. It is a little seaside town with mountains and beaches. According to Zhoel, on parts of Kaikoura’s coast, one mile inland is one mile high and one mile out to sea is a mile deep. It would be interesting to see a topographical map of the area. First, we went to explore the seal colony. The town plays host to a huge number of seals. All along the beach you can see them swimming, lazing around or fishing.

I suppose I wasn’t duly impressed because Zhoel pulled out the big guns. He brought me to the Ohau Stream and Waterfall, without telling me what to expect there. This is the area where the seal pups come to play and relax without concern about sharks and orcas (their sea predators). I may or may not have squealed when I saw the seal pups. They play with each other like kids and are so adorable.

This was definitely the highlight of the day for me. I couldn’t believe how amazing the waterfall was, with the pool at the base was full of pups.


After dragging me away from the pups (and convincing me that taking one with us was impossible), Zhoel suggested an afternoon fishing mission. We headed down to the beach and tried our hand with some spinners. Other fisherman had luck, but sadly (and as usual), we did not. However, I was enjoying the sun and sea breeze so much that I kept fishing for an hour after Zhoel was done.

We decided to stay in town for another night before heading out.



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