May 18

We headed south from Chch to Moeraki, where we stopped to visit Dan from Paihia. He is working at the local tavern and living in town. It was great to catch up. The staff house where he is living is fabulous. It has tons of windows and an enormous deck overlooking the ocean. The views are amazing.

We picked Dan up and drove to the Moeraki Lighthouse, with hopes of seeing the yellow eyed penguins that come up from the sea at dusk. We arrived with time to spare and headed toward the beach. However, the weather changed on a dime and all of a sudden we were hightailing it back to the car to avoid some ominous rain clouds. Less than a minute later, the hail started. We made it back to the car, but we weren’t able to see any penguins.

We had a great visit with Dan and stayed at his place for the night. He is Canadian and is living with a couple from Alberta. It was strange to talk with so many people who sound like me!


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