May 20

We made our hosts breakfast, a camping friendly meal that we created and have been eating regularly during our roadtrip. It is sautéed bread and veggies scrambled with eggs and cheese. It is delicious. The bread crisps up and forms buttery little croutons that contrast with the eggs and cheese. Divine. They loved our invention and it was the perfect start to the day. Connie headed off to work, but Sam, Zhoel and I went for a little walking tour of Dunedin with the plan of handing out CVs and going to temp agencies as well.

Dunedin has a large number of stone buildings from the early 1900s. This definitely adds to the beauty of the city. It is foremost a university town and there is certainly a student vibe. About a fifth of the town population is students. The center of town is known as the Octagon, and is shaped like one. We visited the train station, walked down most of the main streets and wandered around Otago University. Although we passed the Cadbury Factory, we decided to take the tour later on. (The Cookie Time splurge is still too recent.)

We searched for work a bit, but decided to head out relatively early to try to get to our next stop before dark. Zhoel and I headed toward the Catlins and made it as far as Black Head. However, we were heading into bad weather. The forecast said the weather would last all week. So we made an impulse decision and drove back to Moeraki instead. We decided we would head to the center of South Island and check out Mt. Cook and Lake Tekapo. This would allow Zhoel to fish the canals and for me to hike and explore a bit.

We arrived at the Tavern to surprise Dan. He was pleased to see us again so soon and we stayed with him for the night.


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