May 23

Our major stop today was Lake Tekapo. I had very high hopes, but I was also sadly unprepared. I hadn’t read the weather forecast, as a result I couldn’t feel my toes for the entire day and the snow was quite unexpected.

The day started off well enough with beautiful vistas and a cute little town. Despite his lack of interest in visiting churches, Zhoel even took me to a historic church on the shores of the lake. It was a small, stone building with huge windows overlooking the water and the mountains.

Not long after, while we wandered through town, the snow began. Initially I was excited, “my first snowstorm in over a year!” But the novelty wore off quickly, especially when I remembered that I live in a car, I am down to one last pair of clean thermals, and I don’t really enjoy being cold. Needless to say, as usual, Zhoel was a good sport when I said I was ready to head back to the ocean and snow-free territory.

Lake Tekapo was beautiful, but I would love to go back when the visibility is better and the weather is a bit more mild.


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