June 2

We began our day with a short hike to a lookout on Lake Monowai. The water was incredibly clear; we could see the bottom meters out. It would’ve been an awesome place to go kayaking. The path wound through the untouched bush. Moss covered fallen trees and the ground. We made friends with two curious birds who flew right up to us and followed us partway back to the car.

When we left the lake the weather cleared up. We could see the sun shining on the mountains. I actually felt my jaw drop when I saw how impressive the Southern Alps are in the sunshine.


We headed to Lake Manapouri for a picnic lunch and to kill a few hours in the sunshine.


On our way back toward Invercargill we stopped at the Clifden Suspension Bridge and walked across the longest wooden suspension bridge in NZ!



3 thoughts on “June 2

  1. Once again, fantastic pictures. Thanks for sharing this. Have wanted to visit this country for years, but it’s far away and expensive, and I got a ton of excuses not going, so… ๐Ÿ˜€ Maybe sometime in the future!


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