June 3

In the morning we went for a wander along the beach at Monkey Island. The sunrise was beautiful and it made the cliffs and beach look spectacular.

Most of the day was spent running errands in Invercargill. We had to kill time until the evening when we were meeting Jenna, Steve and JT for an Upbeats gig. Their friends rented a house for the weekend in nearby Colac Bay and we were invited as well. The gig was a lot of fun. We had been warned about Invers being a bit dodgy and I was glad to be with a group.


Afterwards we went back to Colac Bay and one of their friends played more music using Steve’s sound equipment. Everyone was really friendly and it was nice to meet some new people. I was given some Kiwi and Invers-specific slang lessons. The most memorable of which is: to ask someone how things are going, you simply say “gaaarn?” Apparently, they’ll know exactly what you mean. I haven’t tried it on anyone else yet, but I’m anticipating my next opportunity.


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