June 5

We had a great weekend with the Northern Bass crew and their friends. It was awesome to have time to catch up with everyone and the rental house had some amazing ocean views.

Zhoel and I headed out pretty early to make our way toward Te Anau and then on to Milford Sound.

On our way we had a tire shred. Luckily it didn’t blow completely, but the metal netting inside exploded out through the tire. We pulled out our belongings on the side of the highway to access the equipment needed to change the tire, only to discover that we did not have a necessary adaptor. We ended up calling AA (New Zealand’s version of AAA); fortunately, we had become members the week before we left Waipu. They came with the proper equipment and saved us. The whole episode lasted well over an hour so we made an abbreviated stop in Te Anau and then headed to the first DOC site we could find on the single road in and out of Milford Sound. Needless to say, we were anxious for our day of car trouble to be over. We have big plans of cruising the Sound tomorrow!


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