June 10

In the morning we headed to Fox Glacier. I had been anxious to go to Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers as I had never seen one before. Unfortunately, the high level of rainfall that had kept us mesmerized during our drive yesterday resulted in track closures. The entire path to Fox Glacier was closed. I was very upset.

We continued on to Franz Josef Glacier, hoping that the track might still be open. However, when we arrived we were sorry to learn that the path was also closed. We were more sorry that we had to walk halfway up the trail in the pouring rain before we were informed of this.


Also, due to the heavy rainfall, our trusty Steed had leaked and our mattress was wet. In our depressed state, we decided it was necessary to find a place to dry our belongings and to relax. We splurged on our first backpackers yet! (If you can call a private room with an ensure really a backpackers accommodation.) We stayed in Franz Josef at Glowworm Cottages. We absolutely loved it. The room was clean and warm; the staff even made the guests hot soup in the evening. It was an excellent choice!


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