June 7

Zhoel’s buddy, Snapper, put us up for the night. He and his friend, Kelly, made us a delicious dinner. Kelly is also an American, but she has been living in Queenstown for seven years. It was great getting to know them a bit.

Since we had arrived so late, I hadn’t been able to appreciate the views. Queenstown is located on a lake in the middle of mountains. It is a beautiful location. We planned to head into town and explore a bit and run some errands, but unfortunately our car wouldn’t start because of the cold, then the battery died. I walked into town, while Zhoel sorted the car. It is a cute, busy town with lots of shops and restaurants. Zhoel ended up arriving at the exact same time that I did and we went for Patagonia Ice Cream. It was excellent. They serve their waffle cones with a drizzle of dark chocolate in the bottom. I tried the mascarpone with fruits of the forest, while Zhoel had pistachio and fig. We were both pleased with our choices. After that Zhoel showed me a few places of importance from when he had lived in town. Then we went to Fergburger, a local institution. I was sadly disappointed by the experience. (Perhaps I built it up too much in my head!) We went halves on a bbq bacon burger and a chicken and avocado burger.

The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent chilling out with Snapper and Kelly.


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