June 15

The morning was beautiful at the Kina Beach Reserve. We took our time drinking coffee and enjoying the view before we headed out toward Abel Tasman. On the way we stopped at a beautiful beach in Kaiteriteri. It was a long sandy beach with lovely ocean views; it easily could’ve been in the Bay of Islands.

We spent an hour walking on the beach and enjoying the sun. Then we continued on to our next stop at Split Apple Rock. This is a landmark that is a giant rock shaped like an apple that has been cut in half.

More exciting is the bay that it is in. The rocks and beach were an excellent place to explore.
When we arrived at Abel Tasman we decided to one of the short walks, rather than the Great Walk, which takes several days. It was a beautiful day and the coastline was stunning. We spent an hour or two walking along the track and the beach.

By the time we were done, we decided to go back to the same campsite and have a campfire.


Later in the evening, we popped popcorn over the fire. We didn’t realize that the smell and/or the sound of popping popcorn attracts possums. A massive possum tried to steal our popcorn, breaking off several branches onto Steed’s hood in the attempt. I was terrified and used Zhoel as a human shield while I climbed into the car away from the bloodthirsty possum. In the end we ended up safely ensconced in our sleeping bag with a full pot of popcorn and the possum was stuck pining after our midnight snack. (Side note to American readers: possums are actually quite adorable and not at all bloodthirsty.)


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