June 17

We spent the night at a place called Robin Hood Bay. It is on the east coast, northeast of Blenheim. The road into the bay was quite windy and gravel, but it was beautiful. Since we drove most of the road at night, we decided to drive part of it the next morning. We headed to Whites Bay to do some fishing. Although the fishing wasn’t good, the bay was beautiful and we climbed rocks and explored for hours.

In the afternoon, we decided to head toward Picton. We drove through the windy road again and saw some beautiful bays. It was a stunning drive. We arrived in Picton and decided to take the ferry across that evening. We grabbed the late ferry and arrived in Wellington around 11 pm. This gave us just enough time to grab a kebab at Cafe Istanbul. They were a bit disappointing after weeks of craving a kebab. But as we agreed, any day with a kebab is better than a day without one. We drove up Mt. Victoria to see the lights from the city. You could even hear individual voices from up there; it was awesome!


We headed north towards Taupo. Around 4 am we got tired and decided to stay at a campsite for a few hours.


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