October 2

On Friday, Lindsay and I decided that we needed to have cheesecake. It was just necessary. (It’s nice that some things are consistent wherever you are in the world–including junk food cravings.) So we decided to trek out looking for the ingredients to make cheesecake and pad thai (game time decision, to make this as well). As Lindsay is gluten-free we had to be a little more discerning in our ingredient choices. As a result, we ended up stopping in several different stores to get everything we needed. We still didn’t find the things that we needed so we decided to make ginger/arrowroot cheesecake and mee goreng/pad thai. (If you don’t know what mee goreng is, you’re not alone. It is some sort of generalized Asian-flavored sauce and, unfortunately, one of the only gluten free sauce options.) The unmitigated disaster of the mee goreng will not be discussed at length.

Our afternoon was spent developing the most amazing cheesecake of all time. We crushed crackers using a rolling pin (we tried to roll them and  ended up smashing them with the end of the rolling pin–although this seems like a strange cooking implement to use, in retrospect), whipped up cheesecake filling and, of course, quality control tested everything.


In the end, we had a perfectly layered and delectable gluten-free treat.





We even added chocolate fish to make it New Zealand style! (Chocolate fish are a type of candy that Kiwis go crazy over. They are basically just chocolate-covered marshmallow, but I think the marshmallow is slightly flavored, it is also pink. They are extremely addictive.)

Sorry, no New Zealand updates today as we spend most of the day searching for ingredients and cooking!


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