May 22

Throughout the day we made periodic stops at bodies of water so that Zhoel could check out the fishing and I could enjoy the scenery. (I opted out of buying my freshwater license when he purchased his.) Lake Ohau was at the base of a range of mountains; apparently, the skiing (or snowboarding) is amazing here. The mountains were ridged, almost like waves on the ocean. It created an interesting skyline.

Lake Pukaki was insanely turquoise. Regardless of the color of the sky or the clouds, the lake is still a bright, shocking blue. It was beautiful, particularly with the snow capped mountains in the background.

Zhoel unsuccessfully fished the canals in the area. There is a salmon farm nearby, this usually helps fishermen because of released fish and escapees. (Not Zhoel though, unfortunately.) The wind was unbearable outside so I spent much of the day reading!

We camped for the night next to a small lake. It was inhabited by a huge flock (is the right word flock?) of black swans. Every single one is jet black. And they are insanely loud. Pretty neat though!



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